Jesus in Islam

by Karal Steenbrink (Delhi: HMI, Media House 2011) ++200 pages. Price: Rs. 300; $ 27; £ 20.

This book has all the verses in English translation. They are placed in their original context, with a historical introduction and extensive commentary taken for both traditional Islamic sources and critical Western academic scholarship.

From Converting the Pagen to Dialogue with our Partners: HMI’s Fifty Years Work of Evangelism and Interfaith Relations

Edited by Andreas D’Souza (Delhi: HMI/ISPCK, 2009) ++348 pages. Price: Rs. 450; $ 27; £ 20.

This book is an edited volume of articles published in the Bulletin of the Henry Martyn School/Institute from 1940-1990. The main aim in bringing out this is to trace the historical Trajectory of the School/Institute from evangelism to interfaith relations and reconciliation.

Jesus the Messiah in Muslim Thought

by Olaf Schumann (Delhi: HMI/ISPCK, 2002) ++250 pages. Price: Rs 130; $12; GB £9. This book is the English translation of Olaf Schumann’s book Der Christus der Muslime (1975, 2nd ed Cologne/Vienna 1988), in which he examines how Muslim thinkers view Jesus.

This book is of value to those who are engaged in Christian-Muslim encounters and gives orientation about themes and issues on the agenda of Christian-Muslim dialogue.

Approaches, Issues, Foundations and Models of Interfaith Relations

Edited by David Emmanuel Singh and Robert Edwin Schick (Delhi: HMI/ISPCK, May 2001) ++480 pages. Price: Rs 200; $18; GB £15. This book contains articles on Interfaith Dialogue with a focus on Islam, published in the Journal of the Henry Martyn Institute since 1991. The book is organized around four broad themes:

. Christian Approaches to Religions: Focus on Islam
. Issues in Christian-Muslim Relations
. Foundations for Interfaith Encounters
. Models of Interfaith Relations

Evangelism, Dialogue, Reconciliation: The Transformative Journey of the Henry Martyn Institute

by Diane D’Souza. The book focuses on the continuity and changes in HMI’s overall aim and objectives from 1930 to 1997 giving practical attention to the last fifteen years and to the emergence of a new ministry of reconciliation. Price: Rs. 30/-.