Henry Martyn Institute’s Community Development programme is initiated in the communally sensitive areas of old city of Hyderabad. The main focus of the programme is to give a common space for Hindus and Muslims to come together, interact, learn different skills and thereby develop better relationships across the faith and caste barriers.

CD initiatives are designed as practical peace building models to promote peace in the communities that are divided on communal lines, by using sustainable development as a strategy. The varied groups of men, women, youth and children are involved in the peace building processes. Education, health, skill development, income generation, peace building & conflict transformation trainings, HIV/AIDS awareness, partnering for peace, etc, are some of the programmes conducted as part of it.

To work in riot-prone areas on ways to build supportive and sustaining relationships between communities through development and empowerment; leading towards peace and cessation of communal violence.

1) Building capacities of community men, women and the project staff to channelize their energies to think and act for peace.
2) To facilitate the formation of community-based ownership of the projects by promoting grass root leadership.
3) To promote HMI’s practical model of ‘Peace Building through Community Development’ among the different conflicting communities globally.


Relief and Rehabilitation

HMI responds to both man made and natural disasters. As part of this relief and rehabilitation programmes were organized during the times of communal riots in Hyderabad. As Tsunami was a major natural disaster, in order to rehabilitate the Tsunami survivors a major relief and rehabilitation project was undertaken. The aim of this project was to promote peace and interfaith relations among the tsunami survivors through livelihood, alternative livelihood, infrastructure development, trauma counseling, and conflict transformation programs. The areas covered were Nellore district in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Nagapattinam district in Tamil Nadu.

Relief Work in view of communal clashes and curfew in Hyderabad

Hyderabad city witnessed communal clashes in the last week of March 2010. This was subsequently followed by a ten day long curfew in Old City of Hyderabad, apart from a few areas in the new city . HMI’s Community Development (CD) team members visited its project areas at Sultan Shahi, Shanker Nagar and Chandrayangutta and organized meetings with community people. As an outcome of the above meetings, CD team initiated and organized relief activities at its project areas. This was done with the kind contribution from CD team’s projects and HMI staff. 166 Hindu and Muslim families were given relief packs with ten essential food commodities like rice, dal, oil, etc.

HMI uses development as a strategy to build peace in the communities. It adopts a holistic approach of meeting the basic needs of the community starting from education, health, economic empowerment, etc. This would gradually enable them to develop their skills required to think and act for peace.