HMI has a well-stocked library of about 20,000 volumes, mostly relating to Islam and inter-faith issues. An annual budget of Rs. 300,000 (7,500 US$) is allocated for the development and expansion of the library holdings and facilities. A Library Advisory Committee provides recommendations and directions for the library’s

development and its collection of books and journals. The Library also receives assistance, from time to time, from volunteers sponsored by HMI partners and other church institutions. The library catalogue is computerized.

1. Islamic Studies
HMI Library is stocking, under one roof, upto date collection of books, over 5000 in number, on Islamic Studies in Arabic, Persian, Urdu and English. There is a strong collection of modern translations in English, of Arabic classical literature on various Islamic disciplines. Library Stocks latest major works on Islamic studies published in India and abroad.

2. Christian Studies
Comprehensive collection of books on Christianity, particularly Church History, Missions, Theology including Indian Christian theologies and Christology. All Important Bible Commentaries and Reference books on the subject are also available. The collection includes many latest important books as well as classical and original literature.

3. Religions of Indian Origin
A representative collection of important books and sacred literature on Hinduism, Budhism, Jainism, Sikhism etc.

4. Books on comparative religion, interfaith dialogue and reconciliation.

5. A very strong and comprehensive collection of books on Women Studies and voluntary social Organisation, also on Indian Studies including Indian history. Other disciplines on which Library Stocks books are:

1. Religious fundamentalism
2. Secularism, Peace-Making, mediation.

HMI Library gets over 200, national and international Periodicals on Religious Studies.

Library Services
HMI Library Services (1) HMI faculty and students (2) Local Universities’ teaching Staff, researchers and students (3) Voluntary organisations engaged in social works (4) Clergy and Religious Scholars hailing from all religions groups.

Reference Services to all above Categories are free of cost. In addition to free services, , there is a scheme also available to become Members of HMI Lending Library for checking out books.