HMI organises and conducts academic seminars throughout the year, attended by both academics and non-academics. The seminars also serve as a forum for the discussion of the theses of HMI students, research by faculty and other scholars.

Women’s Studies
Women’s issues are another area of activity in which HMI has contributed, through networking with organisations in India and abroad, bringing together women of different backgrounds on a broad range of subjects of importance in the current national and international context, and conducting research that highlights women’s perspectives and priorities, focused on women and religion, particularly Islam. At the practical level, tutoring and training workshops, development initiatives, and other innovative programmes involve a wide range

of people from students and teachers to government officers and NGO staff, volunteers, activists and grass-root communities.

Annual Post-Doctoral Fellowships

HMI offers two fellowships each year for post-doctoral researchers to spend 12 months at HMI to study interfaith issues and reconciliation.